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Atlassian Champions Git With Essentials

Atlassian Git Essentials arrives this month and is labeled as the first fully integrated development solution for Git. Using Atlassian's JIRA issue management software, this tool presents a unified interface to assemble previously fragmented information and actions across the development workflow.

Alongside JIRA for issue management we also find JIRA Agile for agile planning and development, Stash for enterprise Git source code management, and Bamboo for continuous integration.

Atlassian's Eric Wittman has said that this product contains "numerous innovations" not found in other Git offerings, including the ability to easily create a branch with a single click from a JIRA issue.

Software development teams can adopt structured Git workflows and take advantage of Git branching capabilities in a collaborative, secure, and performant environment.

According to Atlassian, instead of storing information on a particular issue across multiple applications, with Atlassian Git Essentials, JIRA now provides development managers one source of truth for all relevant information associated with an issue.

The JIRA development panel offers a detailed view of assigned tasks, ability to manage tasks and permissions, and insights into code under development and being tested. Team leads can see when builds fail, or when changes have not been merged, and make decisions accordingly.

"Standardized development processes are vital for any development teams adopting Git. When considering a move to Git, many struggle with deciding on and adopting a Git workflow that suits the team and project and can easily scale. Out of the box, Atlassian Git Essentials provides a simple story branch workflow, allowing developers to start a new stream of work with a single click from an issue in JIRA," said the company.

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