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Atlassian: Developers Attend 31 Time-Wasting Meetings A Month

Atlassian has unveiled Confluence 4.3, the latest version of its content and team collaboration software with a new "WorkBox" online workspace feature for task management.

The concept here is that Confluence WorkBox gives users one place to view all their important notifications and tasks so they don't waste time jumping back and forth between different apps. This way, teams can track what everyone is working on and stay focused on the tasks at hand.

Atlassian estimates that an average worker:

  • receives more than 300 emails weekly
  • checks their email three dozen times an hour
  • and spends 16 minutes refocusing after dealing with email

62 Meetings a Month — 31 Wasted

"On average, an employee attends 62 meetings each month and considers half of them as time wasted. Atlassian's new features in Confluence 4.3 aim to help teams rediscover their productivity by reducing context-switching and allowing coworkers to reach decisions online," said the company.

Features include in-app notifications to reduce feedback loops and context switching; personal task lists to give users one place to track and prioritize all their work; new contextual tasks to give assigned work real meaning, centralized into one task list; and the aforementioned mobile interface to keep teams connected on-the-go.

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