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Automated Desktop Testing Ecosphere Expands

Telerik has upgraded its Test Studio testing tools suite with an emphasis on desktop test automation for Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and integration with TeamPulse, the company's agile project management solution. In a move designed to offer broader functionality from the web further into desktop testing, the new version supports platforms including Silverlight, HTML, and AJAX.

Along with ramped up reporting capabilities, test scenarios for WPF applications can now be recorded and played via the product's point-and-click interface. Integration with the TeamPulse 'Agile' project management solution will, in theory, enable linkage between user stories and acceptance test criteria to functional tests within Test Studio itself. The new release also unveils native support for Telerik RadControls for WPF, offering users a testing environment with verifications and actions at the control level.

"Maximized productivity is mission-critical in today's swift-moving, results-oriented agile ecosystem, yet the automated testing tools market has suffered from a lack of products that combine robust functionality with ease-of-use and value," said Christopher Eyhorn, executive vice president, Testing Tools Division, Telerik. "We've simplified our licensing model and added WPF support with this release."

Test Studio's reporting feature now includes the ability to explore test list results over time, better exporting of reports in common file formats, and support for user commenting within reports. The release introduces enhanced visualization of test results through interactive graphs and charts. Users can now generate more meaningful graphs that support drill-downs, as well as having single test list results displayed in easy-to-read pie charts. With this expanded functionality, spotting test pass/failure trends and identifying weak spots in applications being tested is argued to be quicker.

As of this release, Test Studio also now features a simplified licensing structure that allegedly avoids complex pricing models that are prevalent across the industry. Under the new licensing model, multiple products have been condensed into a single SKU, providing a solution that includes both web and WPF testing, TeamPulse integration, and Visual Studio plug-in.

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