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Critical DevOps In Major Release of CA LISA 7.0

CA Technologies is expanding its LISA application delivery suite solutions to address what it calls out as the most critical challenges today in operationalizing DevOps methodologies.

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Or to put it another way, the firm is ramping up its DevOps tools by bringing in new continuous delivery tools acquired from Nolio.

The firm's application delivery GM Shridhar Mittal insists that developers today need automated application delivery processes and tools to cope with rapid Agile development and complex hybrid infrastructures.

The goal is streamlined application releases, plus the ability to develop and test applications rapidly so that they can be moved into production automatically with higher quality.

"When we virtualize away constraints and automate manual tasks in the software lifecycle, collaboration between development, QA, and operations teams happens at a new level. We can reliably expect continuous improvement in time-to-market as well as better reliability of the new services our customers demand," said Laura Miller, senior VP for financial services application development at First Data Corporation.

For developers, the Nolio technology in CA LISA promises to provide standardized execution of application releases, plus automation of application rollbacks for faster recovery and service continuity.

According to a recent 451 Research report, Nolio is growing both its service-provider and enterprise customers, which "bodes well for its future" and for the release-automation and DevOps market.

"Nolio's growth also reinforces the enterprise evolution of DevOps — the confluence of application development and deployment via IT operations — and how more enterprise and service-provider customers are implementing automation, continuous deployment, and DevOps more broadly after already having successfully achieved divisional, test, and proof-of-concept deployments," said the report.

The CA LISA Application Delivery Suite includes CA LISA Service Virtualization to get around the problem of limited lab and system availability (and therefore incomplete software and test data) that prevent on-time application delivery. The solution offers the chance to model dependent systems and services and the latest version now allows developers to work on and enable parallel development in a 24/7 available virtual environment.

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