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Danube Releases ScrumWorks Pro 4.1

Danube Technologies has announced ScrumWorks Pro 4.1, a new version of its enterprise-grade tool designed to manage Scrum. New features of ScrumWorks Pro include:

  • Prioritization of Epics. ScrumWorks Pro lets product owners manage and prioritize Epics (large Scrum user stories with unknown requirements or effort estimates, which often span multiple products) with the same drag-and-drop ease of standard user stories. For the larger enterprises, ScrumWorks Pro 4.1 provides the capability to manage and prioritize multiple Epics..
  • Budgets for Epics. Because Epics have been historically difficult to estimate, ScrumWorks Pro now allows teams to establish resource guidelines, set milestones for each release, place parameters around resource usage and set automated alerts when pre-determined thresholds are close to being exceeded. These new "budgeting" features provide increased visibility into the effort put forth to complete an Epic and soft limits on the amount of work budgeted for a particular milestone.
  • API Enhancements. Danube continues to strengthen its API for Epics, programs, themes and other user-requested enhancements.
  • Integration Updates. ScrumWorks 4.1 includes the latest integrations for JIRA 4.0 and Bugzilla 3.4.2.

According to Danube's Victor Szalvay, "the latest release of ScrumWorks Pro provides capabilities that allow program managers not only to prioritize Epics, but also assign and track associated budgets."

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