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Curl has released the Curl Data Kit (CDK), a library for building data-centric applications in Curl while providing support for local SQL databases such as SQLite. Curl Nitro, an extension of the Curl RIA platform, incorporates the SQLite engine in the Curl Run Time Environment for a reduced footprint. SQLite databases are fully integrated with the Curl DATA-ACCESS functionality, enabling the use of standard Curl techniques for presentation and manipulation.


Innovasys has released Document! X 2008, a tool that helps you produce professional quality technical documentation for Microsoft .NET Framework assemblies, COM components and controls, Visual Basic 6 and VBA source code, Access, SQL Server and Oracle databases, XSD Schemas and ASP.NET Ajax JavaScript. Features in this 2008 release include integration with Visual Studio 2008, documentation of ASP.NET Ajax JavaScript, and new templates.


DeviceAnywhere has unveiled its Forum Nokia Virtual Developer Lab (VDL), a remote testing service designed to reduce the time and resources required to develop, test, monitor, and deploy applications and content for mobile devices. The online service supports the most popular devices running on the Nokia Series 40/S60 platforms. DeviceAnywhere is a technology that lets developers collaborate on one project regardless of differing geographic locations.


CollabNet has announced general availability of Subversion 1.5, a software configuration management tool for managing software development and maintenance across distributed teams. Subversion 1.5 includes features such as merge tracking for more automated and efficient branch management, sparse checkouts so users can check out only a portion of a source tree to reduce the total footprint on their individual workstations, and repository sharing and partitioning to more efficiently distribute repository storage across filesystem resources and to improve server performance, among other features.

Danube Technologies

Danube Technologies has announced ScrumWorks Pro 3.1, a tool designed to reinforce the principles and processes of Scrum. New features of this release include improved collaboration and enterprise reporting capabilities within the desktop client and enhanced customized visibility via the web client. Attachments can be attached to documents and files to items in ScrumWorks. A new Change Log captures a record of all changes made in ScrumWorks Pro for tracking and auditing purposes, while a Team Member Load Report lets users view task loading among team members within the sprint detail view.


Protecode has released Protecode 1.0, a governance and intellectual property (IP) management tool. Protecode automatically generates records of software content, identifies and reports associated pedigree and licensing information by checking its properties, and compliance against an organization's policies, establishing IP ownership and creating a software Bill of Materials (BOM). This release supports multiple languages and infrastructures including Java, C/C++, and CVS/SVN code management systems. Support for the Ganymede Eclipse release is also provided.


Borland Software has introduced Borland Management Solutions (BMS), a software delivery management toolset for orchestrating, measuring, predicting, and improving the performance of software delivery organizations. BMS plugs into a customer's existing ALM infrastructure, providing a "cockpit" for visibility and control over the entire application lifecycle. BMS includes three tools: TeamDemand, which provides a view into the delivery organization; TeamFocus, which manages execution and monitors the performance of the delivery organization; and TeamAnalytics, which collects and analyzes data from ALM tools.

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