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Dr. Dobb's Virtual Event: Programming for the Cloud: Links

Getting Started with The Cloud: The Ecosystem

The first in a series of hands-on articles by Allen Holub about programming for the public cloud.
Click here to read the full article.

NoSQL Speed Bumps

Ken North notes that, with cloud computing gaining momentum, there is continued interest in suitable databases for the cloud. Initially, advocates of the NoSQL movement touted the ability to scale out for large websites, but not all of the recent press about NoSQL databases has been positive.
Click here to read Ken's observations.

Application Development: In the Cloud, It's Not The Same

In the future, development for the cloud will be development in the cloud itself. Have you gone to the wrong school?
Click here to view the webcast.

High Performance C++ Code in Windows Azure Roles

Gaston Hillar notes that Microsoft's cloud offering Windows Azure Mix 09 CTP long-ago introduced the ability to run Web and/or Worker Roles in full trust. The newest Windows Azure versions allow you to make P/Invoke (short for Platform Invoke) calls to invoke native code.
Click here for Gaston's explanation.

Programming For The Public Cloud?

Andrew Binstock warns that, if you plan to run applications in the public cloud, you’ll either have to invest considerable effort porting existing code or writing new apps from scratch.
Click here for the complete article.

Python on the Cloud: Best Practices for Application Deployment on the Cloud

Amazon Web Services' Jinesh Varia and ActiveState's Diane Mueller to learn best practices for building & deploying web applications to the cloud with Python.
Click here to view the webcast.

Azure Worker Role Is Not There Yet

There are a few things Arnon Rotem-Gal-Oz expects a little more from Azure's PaaS offering.
Click here to read his blog post.

IBM Cloud Computing Lab

IBM has launched a first-of-its-kind cloud computing lab for its clients in the U.K.
Click here to watch a short news video on the lab.

Xen Lets Developers 'Play' In The Cloud

Xen Cloud Platform (XCP) 1.0 is an open source server virtualization platform.
Read about it here.

Java EE 7 Platform JSR Request Approved

New JSR enhances Java EE platform for cloud computing.
Read about it here.

VMware Launches vCenter Operations

New operations model for cloud environments.
Read about it here.

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