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Genuitec MyEclipse 10.0

Founding member of the Eclipse Foundation Genuitec is helping celebrate 10 years of Eclipse this month with the launch of its MyEclipse Workbench Enterprise Edition 10.0 Integrated Development Environment. Aiming to continue its support of the Apache Maven build automation and software comprehension technology, Genuitec has built this newest release of MyEclipse on the Eclipse Indigo (3.7) project whereby developers are said to enjoy faster project builds and a "wealth of plug-ins" for just almost any application development need.

This release represents an overhaul of the MyEclipse in-workspace deployment so that users can collaborate and share their workspace settings or user profiles to make sure all projects are set-up properly amongst team members.

 Genuitec CEO Maher Masri is at pains to label this version as a "landmark" release and has said that Genuitec was originally born in 2001 out of sheer frustration that the tools market did not do a better job supporting developers.

"The mission of Genuitec has remained the same over these 10 years; to give developers an enterprise technology driven by their demands at a price they can pay out of their own pocket if necessary. Today, enterprises and small developer shops alike use MyEclipse as a tool created to satisfy those application development demands while not breaking the bank," said Masri.

The production release of MyEclipse 10 is built with desktop and web developer technologies including HTML5 and Java EE6 with recently-added support for JPA 2.0, JSF 2.0, Eclipselink 2.1, and Apache's OpenJPA 2.0 release.

 For IBM WebSphere customers, MyEclipse Blue supports the latest build of WebSphere Portal Server 7.0, WebSphere 8, as well as WebSphere 6.1 and 7. IBM's DB2 series is supported with database integration connectors on both Windows and Linux operating systems.

"As we have reached this 10-year milestone at Genuitec, the important message we want our customers to understand is that MyEclipse is driven 100 percent by user requests for functionality," said Todd Williams, vice president of technology for Genuitec. "Our support forums represent a vibrant user community where we collaborate and vet out the best new solutions and modifications to MyEclipse with the goal of making it the most powerful yet versatile IDE on the enterprise computing market. It's you, the customer, who shapes this tool."

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