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GitHub Enters Third Dimension With STL File Format

Developer code hosting and revision control portal GitHub has confirmed that it made it easier to view some 3D models, specifically STL files, on the site.

NOTE: explains STL as a file format used by Stereolithography software to generate information needed to produce 3D models on Stereolithography machines. The extension "stl" is thought to be derived from the word Stereolithography itself.

Developers targeting this type of 3D model will now be able to use GitHub to host code capable of spinning models via click, drag, and zoom functions. Users will be able to scroll and change view modes via links supplied at the bottom of each image location.

"[The STL viewer] is powered by Three.js and uses WebGL when available, but will fall back to the slower canvas renderer," says the GitHub team.

GitHub has also supplied a help article for developers who want to get working with this technology right away.

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