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Give Developers A Day Off From Data Management

The cross-platform data management app market expands this week as a result of dBase and its eponymously named dBaseAPPs. Designed specifically for non-IT professionals, dBaseAPPs allows users to manage their data (regardless of their platform) and without having to rely on IT.

NOTE: The firm is making dBaseAPPs available on both the Apple and Microsoft platforms — the product is targeted at small to medium sized business users.

"Data is the lifeblood of every company, but many small to mid-size companies lack the IT infrastructure they need to properly manage their data and use it to make informed business decisions," said Mike Rozlog, CEO of dBase.

"Fortunately, successfully managing data doesn't necessarily require sophisticated technical skills. We developed dBaseAPPs specifically to provide professionals of all backgrounds an easy way to access, manage, and leverage their data without having to rely on IT."

The first app in the dBaseAPPs series, dTransfer, enables users to copy data tables between databases via a user interface. By treating database tables like files in a folder, dTransfer copies tables between PostgreSQL, MySQL, and SQLite databases.

"dBaseAPPS is an integral part of the dBase strategy of being theBase for all things data," said Rozlog. "dBaseAPPS defines a new area in data and database management by making data easier to manipulate for just about anyone."

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