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GrapeCity Updates Spreadsheet Charting Tools

GrapeCity has announced availability of FarPoint Spread for Windows Forms 5. This release includes an integrated, full-featured chart capable of presenting data using 85 different chart types. In addition, a new Chart Designer provides codeless creation of both two- and three-dimensional charts.

Spread supports the current version of the Microsoft .NET Framework and provides design-time support for the current version of Visual Studio. It will also fully support the upcoming release of Visual Studio 2010, scheduled for early next year.

In addition to the new chart capabilities, Version 5 includes:

  • Lossless editing of Microsoft Excel files with macros and scripts.
  • Spreadsheet Designer with ribbon bar interface similar to Microsoft Office Excel 2007.
  • Designer usability enhancements, including a new Quick Start Wizard.
  • Spreadsheet cell type and editing enhancements, such as Tooltips for hyperlinks.
  • Additional statistical functions, such as conditional Sums, Averages and Counts.

"Spread for Windows Forms Version 5 features were based on extensive customer feedback and fully address the spreadsheet development needs of .NET Framework-based developers," said GrapeCity's Rick Williamson. "In addition, our ActiveReports line of products enables our Spread customers to use the Microsoft .NET environment to open up their data for advanced reporting and business intelligence."

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