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How Do Young Go-Getters Get With Old Git?

German software company fournova has launched "Learn Version Control With Git" for software programmers who need a start with the Git version-control system.

The Berlin-based company is already known for its Git client for Mac called Tower. The new (hobbyist, beginner, or simply less experienced) learning platform includes a free online book, video tutorials, and live online training.

"Learn Version Control with Git" is aimed at beginners, web designers, and project managers.

"Version Control is an essential tool in today's web and software world and a fundamental part of the workflow in teams large and small. However, despite its growing popularity, many designers and developers do not use Git yet. With its new learning platform, fournova wants to encourage them to make the switch," said fournova CEO Tobias Günther.

With its Git client Tower, the firm says it has had success with over 35,000 customers from startups to Fortune 100 companies. With this new learning platform, fournova wants to enable even more people to learn version control with Git — no matter if they're on a Mac or a PC, or if they're using the command-line interface or a GUI.

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