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HP Palm webOS 3.0 SDK Now Available

HP Palm has this week released its webOS 3.0 Software Development Kit (SDK) to its developer community. Available via the HP webOS Developer Portal, the new SDK is aligned towards the company's next generation of webOS devices including the HP TouchPad.

New developer opportunities as a result of this SDK release include the option to use 'Enyo', a new JavaScript application framework with native hardware acceleration and faster app load times that supports new and future webOS form factors.

Developers will also be able to leverage core webOS features like Just Type, Synergy, and Exhibition -- as well as reference new UI components, layouts, and application examples. Programmers can also get helpful guidance on app structuring, design, and navigation for the TouchPad.

According to the official HP Palm developer blog, "Developing for an innovative platform in webOS and a new device like the TouchPad would already be significant on its own. But the story is much larger than that. That's because HP is using webOS to create a seamless, secure, and connected experience across a multitude of products from smartphones, tablets, PCs, printers, and other products that serve millions, from consumers to the enterprise. Developing for webOS now puts you in a position to deliver innovative apps to potentially millions of devices every year."

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