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IBM Simplifies Enterprise Software Development

IBM has announced new software that is redefining the way enterprise customers manage the design and delivery of applications across disparate computing landscapes. The new software helps organizations reduce IT and administration overhead through a single, integrated development platform to help enterprises unify both new and legacy systems.

With new software support for the IBM zEnterprise System, IBM clients operating core business processes on a mainframe can experience a truly integrated hardware and software delivery platform. This platform spans the enterprise, with zEnterprise mainframe and select IBM Power7 and workload optimized systems including the IBM Smart Analytics Optimizer in a tightly configured, integrated data center environment. Later this year, IBM will deliver support for select System x servers.

Applications created in Java, for example, can be deployed in an AIX environment without changing code or server specifications. Organizations no longer have to maintain duplicate environments for application development across various platforms, and now have the flexibility to move workloads around without having to worry about moving development teams and infrastructure.

The new IBM solutions include the Rational Developer for System z Family and the Rational Asset Analyzer Family. These software development offerings bring higher productivity through modern integrated development and test environments for mainframe development and zEnterprise support. Additionally, the new Rational Business Developer simplifies innovation by enabling application development on multiple mainframe platforms with EGL, an open business application development language.

The new IBM solutions for zEnterprise should help enterprise clients:

  • Increase organizational agility: Teams now have a single end-to-end view of an application project, with improved knowledge and understanding of how the mainframe and Power Systems technology-based applications interact, as well as awareness of what other developers are doing that could affect them, all in real time.
  • Reduce development complexity and cost: Using a common multi-platform development and test environment, regardless of computing platform, means all of the developers have the same view of the application code, from either the front-end Web interface or the back-end transaction-processing or database interface.
  • Minimize project risk: Improved teamwork, automated deployment capabilities and system-generated management reports make development more efficient.

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