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Infragistics "Fostering" Designer/Developer Love

Cross-platform UI development tools company Infragistics has announced today availability of its NetAdvantage Ultimate 2012 Volume 1 toolset with additional mobility, touch, and business intelligence capabilities.

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This release is distinguished by the inclusion of Infragistics design toolsets into the NetAdvantage Ultimate product suite — NetAdvantage Icons is a plug-and-play graphics set and Quince Pro is featured design pattern library collaboration toolset.

Compliant with touch technology and Metro Windows 8 UI styling, the new release is compatible with Visual Studio 2011 beta. Infragistics' spin on these products is that they will "foster UX development" across interdisciplinary teams composed of both designer and developers.

"UX development blurs the lines between designers and developers and empowers our customers to extend their brand value by conceiving, designing, and building applications that deliver the best end user experiences," said Dean Guida, CEO of Infragistics. "NetAdvantage makes developers and development teams more efficient and effective by enabling them to write reusable native code for a variety of platforms."

Developers already won over to Windows 8 development may be interested in the Metro and touch-friendly themes for HTML5/jQuery, XAML, and ASP.NET controls. There are also data visualization controls for NetAdvantage for jQuery as well as the inclusion of XAML Data Visualization controls into their respective NetAdvantage for Silverlight and NetAdvantage for WPF Line of Business toolsets.

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