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JetBrains: Massive Update to IntelliJ IDEA IDE

JetBrains has announced a new version of its flagship IDE with "massive" improvements. IntelliJ IDEA 11.1 now features Subversion (SVN) 1.7 support and a reworked user interface for Git branches along with branches synchronization for multi-root projects.

Many parts of IntelliJ IDEA UI have been rethought and reworked.

Additional augmentations appearing in this release include Android Lint and some other tools integration. Android Lint is a tool introduced in ADT 16 (and Tools 16), which scans Android project sources for potential bugs. It is available both as a command line tool, as well as integrated with Eclipse.

Better Gradle integration is now inside, as is support for EcmaScript 6 and Sybase and DB2 SQL dialects. Improved Flex project setup has been incorporated as well as the Hibernate 4.0 open source Java persistence framework project that performs object relational mapping and query databases using HQL and SQL.

Groovy gets groovier.

The Groovy dynamic language for the Java Virtual Machine gets some serious attention in this release of the IDE with support for the version 2.0 beta release. Closure Parameter refactoring is introduced along with new Groovy intention actions including: Replace qualified reference with import; Add single-member static import; and Add on-demand static import. The Groovy Shell is available from the IDE.

There is also now full-screen support on Mac OS X Lion and numerous other Mac-specific UI changes. According to JetBrains' product update pages, the new IDE provides better coding experiences through, "Faster, smarter and more reliable code completion for supported languages. Working with 'Favorites' is now much easier especially in big projects. For live template settings: many new template contexts have been added — plus the ability to edit project module dependencies on a diagram."

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