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JetBrains Releases ReSharper 4.0

JetBrains has released ReSharper 4.0, a Microsoft Visual Studio add-in that provides across-the-board support for C# 3.0 language, including LINQ, and Visual Studio 2008. In addition, the upgraded add-in features, new tools have been added, such as standard class library annotations, solution-wide analysis (for C#), versatile code cleanup, new automated refactorings, improved code-editing capabilities, and more.

"In this release, we have adopted the latest C# specifications to provide the most up-to-date support for .NET developers," said Valentin Kipiatkov, JetBrains CTO. "We not only put great effort into supporting all of the features of C# 3.0, but, in keeping with our tradition, added a number of intelligent tools to make those language features much easier to work with."

Specific improvements and new features in ReSharper 4.0 include:

  • Comprehensive support for C# 3.0. ReSharper not only analyzes new language constructs, but displays suggestions to help migrate to C# 3.0, as well as new warnings to comply with best programming practices. It implements C#3.0-ready refactorings and completes your code with extension methods, lambda expressions, and other new language constructs where appropriate.
  • Annotations for .NET Framework Class Library. Annotations come with a special set of custom attributes that greatly enhance the quality of ReSharper's code analysis, such as the location of possible NullReferenceEx.
  • Solution-Wide Analysis. ReSharper looks for erroneous C# code on-the-fly, without first compiling code.
  • Code Cleanup. A flexible code compliance and formatting tool that brings together a dozen of ReSharper features. In addition to fine-tuning formatting style, you can opt to remove code redundancies, migrate to anonymous types and auto-properties, make fields read-only if possible, optimize using directives, and revamp your C# code with many more settings. Code Cleanup works in batch mode, so that you can clean the whole project or even solution with a single shortcut.
  • New refactorings. New refactoring tools include Inline Method and a pack of C# 3.0-specific refactorings. For VB.NET, all refactorings that were previously limited to C# 2.0 are now available for Visual Basic 8.

Productivity features and performance enhancements include:

  • Complete Statement. Inserts the necessary syntax elements (braces, semicolons, etc.) and gets you in position to start the next statement, saving on excessive juggling with the caret.
  • CamelHumps in Code Completion. Lets you complete any symbol by entering only its uppercase characters.
  • Live Templates Editor and Manager. Improved UI for viewing and managing code templates.
  • Recent Edits. A drop-down list that shows the files and symbols that you recently modified.
  • ASP.NET Speedup. Accelerated analysis of ASP.NET pages.

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