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JetBrains ReSharper 7.1 Fixes 300 Bugs

JetBrains has announced ReSharper 7.1, an update to its .NET developer productivity tool for Visual Studio. With official support for Visual Studio 2012, 2010, 2008 SP1, and 2005 SP1, ReSharper 7.1 addresses as many as 300 performance issues and bug fixes.

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The firm is positioning this release as a value play for all .NET developers — users now have more ways to refactor, inspect, clean up, review, and generate code. New code inspections and contract annotations functionality lead the way to what should be a more robust .NET code quality analysis overall.

"Sharing ReSharper code inspection results with team mates has been streamlined as well for the purposes of code review," says the company.

The firm has also rolled out improved tooling for .NET code maintenance with this release including the "top requested" Extract Class refactoring, which helps decrease code complexity and remove unused assembly references across the entire solution.

Other features include an enhanced code formatter. According to JetBrains, "We have implemented some of the most demanded code formatter improvements so far. For example, ReSharper 7.1 is able to format XML doc comments and chained method calls. Additional code exploration features will help visualize hierarchies of polymorphic members and CSS styles — and an extended and fine-tuned code generation toolset also features."

In terms of support for specific technologies and frameworks, ReSharper 7 supports VB.NET refined with the Extract Class refactoring, new quick-fixes, and improved IntelliSense — and XAML support has been "considerably enhanced" in terms of code completion, typing assistance, naming style control, and code generation.

A new set of functionality has also been provided for developers looking to create Windows Store applications for Windows 8. Plus there's an INotifyPropertyChanged interface support pack to improve productivity of Windows Forms, WPF, and Silverlight application developers. Finally, LightSwitch and SharePoint support round out the list of previously unsupported Microsoft development technologies.

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