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JetBrains Sets Controls To CI Warp Factor

JetBrains has announced the public availability of its TeamCity 6.5 continuous integration and build management server. Sporting a restyled UI, its maker says that users have requested the product's new support for advanced DVCS's usage scenarios and its enhanced approach to working with branches.

The company has used its launch press statement to enthuse over the options for developers using Git or Mercurial, who (says JetBrains) will "especially appreciate" the ability to run personal builds from the branches, with no IDE integration needed.

Other TeamCity 6.5 highlights include "parametrized" version control system roots; muting of failed tests; tests grouping in test results; remote agent installation (push agent software on remote workstation); JetBrains dotCover results from TeamCity rendered within Microsoft Visual Studio; PowerShell runner; MSpec support; as well as other features for .NET teams.

"TeamCity Professional Edition is now rid of many previous limitations," said JetBrains in a press statement. "Small and medium development teams can now run free TeamCity with an unlimited number of registered users, support for LDAP, and flexible per-project roles and permissions."

The company's utopian vision of the future is for developer teams and startups around the globe to be able adopt continuous integration practices at literally zero expense.

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