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JMP Genomics 5: Data Visualization & Exploration

Version 5 of JMP Genomics has been released by business analytics company SAS in a move to target the discovery analytics software market with new tools. Providing a route to explore, interpret, and share analysis results of genomics data commonly found in large data sets, the company's new product version adds tabbed reports, customizable analysis options, and additional integration.

Genomics 5 introduces enhancements to almost all analysis areas and sports an "elegant" user interface that organizes analysis results into tabbed reports and lets users customize the display of analysis options.

Built on the new JMP 9 platform, JMP Genomics 5 also supports easy integration with the R open-source statistical programming language, Microsoft Excel, and other tools.

"JMP Genomics makes it easy to conduct sophisticated genomic analyses. It's always a step ahead in adding new statistical techniques for analysing novel data types," said Julien Ayroles, Ph.D., of the department of genetics at North Carolina State University. "Version 5 will make a bioinformatician out of even the most reluctant biologist."

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