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Jolt Awards: Productivity Award 1

It's pretty rare that a software process book impresses me, and SDLC 3.0: Beyond a Tacit Understanding of Agile, by Mark Kennaley, is one of those rare books. Kennaley provides a realistic and reasoned overview of agile software delivery as well as of lean software development strategies. More importantly he explains the source of lean and agile concepts, going beyond the dogmatic rhetoric common in other agile writings to explore what works and more importantly why it works. Just this alone is worth the price of the book.

Jolt Productivity Award

SDLC 3.0: Beyond a Tacit Understanding of Agile

Mark Kennaley

Publisher: Fourth Medium Press

SDLC 3.0 also works through the rich history and evolution of software processes, providing context for what Kennaley calls "SDLC 3.0', a hybrid approach to software delivery based on lean, agile, and the unified process. He coherently argues that we need to mine the best of these three software process bodies of knowledge to develop an effective, flexible approach to software development. SDLC 3.0 is a must read book for all IT professionals.

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