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Klocwork Targets Productivity With Dev Tool Suite

Klocwork has announced Klocwork Insight Pro, a suite of developer tools aimed at maintaining high velocity throughout the software development process. Built upon Klocwork's source code analysis technology, Klocwork Insight Pro introduces three new tools designed to allow development organizations to achieve greater iteration velocity while reducing the risk of bug debt.

  • Klocwork Insight Pro provides continuous static analysis that detects critical defects and security vulnerabilities at the developer desktop, as code is being written. This on-the-fly analysis provides developers with immediate visibility into errors being made, or vulnerabilities being left open.
  • Klocwork Insight Pro also provides a collaborative, peer-based tool that facilitates simple pre- and post-check-in reviews. Integrated with configuration management environments and Klocwork's static analysis engine, code reviews are conducted asynchronously over the web with Klocwork Insight Pro. Through a customizable RSS feed, developers are notified of code that is ready for review and are able to identify code changes, take part in threaded discussions around those changes, assign actions, and review potential defects.
  • Refactoring is simplified with Klocwork Insight Pro. Using automated tools, developers can modify their code towards overall patterns to achieve clean, easy to understand, and more maintainable code designs without changing the code's function in any way.

"Software development teams in all industries are embracing Agile as a way to boost their team's productivity and be more responsive to their customer's needs," says Klocwork's Mike Laginski. "Regardless of how far along the Agile curve a team might be, developers are expected to deliver more software in shorter iterations, creating a need for new tools that help meet these productivity goals."

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