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Micro Focus/Borland Launches Functional, Regression Testing Tools

Micro Focus has announced availability of SilkTest 2009 R2 and Silk4J 2009 R2 from Borland Software (a Micro Focus Company). SilkTest 2009 R2 provides functional and regression test automation for a technologies like Web 2.0/RIA, Java, and Microsoft technologies in a seamless fashion, which enables the testing of workflows that span multiple applications or multi-technology applications. SilkTest 2009 R2 also supports testers and developers by offering a robust and powerful environment that improves effectiveness by allowing different stakeholders to build true test automation frameworks and maximize ROI.

"We've focused on continuing to provide industry-leading testing solutions to our customers and SilkTest 2009 R2 is the latest example of this," said Borland's Joachim Herschmann. "Early adopter customers have already noticed the speed and automatic synchronization enhancements provided by this new version. SilkTest 2009 R2 allows customers to reduce the cost, risk and complexity of testing state-of-the-art applications, increasing confidence in the quality of their applications. In addition to the SilkTest interface, which has proved very popular with Quality Assurance professionals, the Silk4J Eclipse plug-in is bringing testing capabilities to the developer environment."

The new version of SilkTest also includes:

  • Improved Open Agent Technology. Dynamic Object Recognition allows for a decoupling of an application's GUI object hierarchy from its representation in test scripts, resulting in significantly lower script maintenance. Advanced synchronization capabilities eliminate the need to modify test scripts to include wait times, providing advanced automation for testing today's dynamic Web applications.
  • Full cross-browser AJAX support. SilkTest now provides completely automatic synchronization for testing Web2.0 applications on Firefox 3.0 and 3.5 as well as Internet Explorer, 6, 7 and 8 through its open agent technology.
  • Enhanced support for system functions by the SilkTest Open Agent.
  • Dynamic Port Allocation. he SilkTest Open Agent also now uses dynamically allocated ports. The dynamic port allocation feature for the open agent makes it possible to leverage the supported technologies for SilkPerformer 2009 R2 GUI value unit tests.

SilkPerformer 2009 R2, a new release of the company's load testing solution, is also now available.

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