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MonoTouch and the iPhone: The GPS and Compass Functions

A Sample Application

Let's create a MonoTouch application that uses the CoreLocation API. (The complete source code and related files for this application are available here).

First, open up MonoTouch, it should look something like Figure 1.

[Click image to view at full size]
Figure 1

Next, create a new iPhone MonoTouch project. To do this, select "File : New Solution":

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Figure 2

Choose "iPhone MonoTouch Project" from the C# templates and let's name our solution "Example_CoreLocation":

[Click image to view at full size]
Figure 3

Click "OK" on the Project Features dialogue, as they're not relevant to what we're doing:

[Click image to view at full size]
Figure 4

Our project should now look something like this:

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Figure 5

Open the MainWindow.xib file in Interface Builder by double-clicking on it in the Solution Explorer window, you should get something that looks like this:

[Click image to view at full size]
Figure 6

Drag some UILabels over to the Window designer and then double-click them to edit their initial text, until you have something that looks like Figure 7:

Figure 7

In the Attributes tab of the Inspector, you can adjust the font and appearance of your labels if you want:

Figure 8

Next, we need to add Outlets to our AppDelegate class for each of the labels that we'll write to. When you add elements to your document in Interface Builder, they're not available to your code until you add Outlets.

In our case, for the simplicity of our example, all our code is going to go into the AppDelegate class, so we need to add outlets to it, so our labels are available to it.

To do this, select the Classes Tab in the top of the Library Window, and then select the AppDelegate class.

Figure 9

Make sure the AppDelegate class is selected, otherwise your Outlets will get created somewhere else and you'll get build errors when you try to access them.

Next, we're going to add the Outlets by selecting the "Outlets" tab in the lower half of the window and clicking the "+" button. When you click the "+" a new outlet is created and it allows you to edit the name of the Outlet. Let's add the following outlets:

  • txtAltitude
  • txtLatitude
  • txtLongitude
  • txtCourse
  • txtSpeed
  • txtMagneticHeading
  • txtTrueHeading

Your Outlets should now look like Figure 10.

Figure 10

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