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New C/C++ Interpreter: Ch 7.0 and Embedded Ch 7.0

SoftIntegration announced its Ch 7.0 and Embedded Ch 7.0 embeddable C/C++ interpreter for cross-platform scripting, 2D/3D plotting, numerical computing, shell programming, and embedded scripting. Described as a major release with many new features, its development team contends that Ch will be especially appealing for secondary school and college students interested in learning computer science and mathematics.

SoftIntegration cites comments from both teachers and students who say that they find Ch to be one of the best learning tools for their teaching and learning. New mathematical functions and features for plotting — QuickAnimation, ChIDE, and Embedded Ch — are added in the latest release. Several third-party utility programs in Windows are also added. They include console2, which supports Ch shell Tabs and allows copy and paste more conveniently in a Ch shell. Programs putty, WinSCP, 7zip, splint, and png2icon are also added.

ChIDE is lauded as being both efficient and lightweight with no need to create additional project space or workspace areas to run a program. ChIDE is also said to be an effective IDE for instructors to make interactive classroom presentations to demonstrate different programming features/concepts and respond to students' questions.

Embedded Ch allows users to embed Ch into C/C++ application such as game, semiconductor ATE, SoC, CAM, IC, PCB, RF, MEMS, and LED as a scripting engine. Embedded Ch supports multi-threading and debug. C/C++ applications can be extended with all features of Ch scripting. As well as having a comparatively small footprint, the pointer and time deterministic nature of the C language provides a perfect interface in real-time systems.

Ch bridges the gap between the C language and shell languages. It is a genuine C shell — C compatible shell. Ch is an interpretive implementation of C, similar to UNIX/MS-DOS shells. With its built-in string type and many enhanced scripting features, Ch is an alternative to other scripting languages for automating repetitive tasks, regression test, and hardware testing.

Ch supports high-level C++ 2D/3D graphical plotting. Two- and three-dimensional graphical plots can also be accomplished. With SoftIntegration graphical library (SIGL), the same program using 2D/3D plotting features can be executed in Ch or compiled using C++ compilers.

For a detailed discussion of Ch, see Ch: A C/C++ Interpreter for Script Computing

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