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New Release Management Release, Serena Dimensions

Serena Software continues its efforts this week to define a more complex, yet integrated and "orchestrated" approach to software change and configuration management (SCCM) with the launch of Serena Dimensions CM 12.

With a renewed set of tools aligned to support release management processes, Serena is making a play for console-based reduced complexity, as well as a more managed take on viewing, scheduling, and executing release deployments and rollbacks.

"Customer success when related to the process of releasing applications into the business is not just about speed alone, but about being able to provide a straightforward and secure path to production," commented Jeff Westenhaver, product marketing manager, mainframe and release management at Serena Software. "Dimensions CM 12 makes it easier for release managers to see across the entire process and orchestrate it successfully, even when multiple teams are involved."

Dimensions CM integrates with application lifecycle tools including (IDEs) such as .NET and Eclipse, as well defect tracking, build, and test management. New features and capabilities in version 12 include a deployment view with a centralized console for release managers to view, execute, and schedule deployments and rollbacks.

There is also a gold repository for all release-ready code, potentially good news for programming environments that have multiple development tools in use across various development teams.

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