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Nokia Releases Qt SDK 1.1

The Finland-based HQ offices of Nokia have this week released news of the Qt SDK 1.1 Integrated Development Environment (IDE), which now features Qt Quick — a UI creation kit designed to garner interest from both graphic designers and application developers.

Echoing Qt's much-loved 'write once, run anywhere' mantra, the Qt SDK 1.1 is positioned as an environment suitable for creating both consumer applications on Nokia's Symbian platform — as well as for desktop applications powered by operating systems including Windows 7, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Qt asserts that developers using its latest iteration of tools to build their apps can now cut app creation time in half for Nokia touch-screen devices.

Hoping to also attract interest from 'application designers' alongside their developer counterparts, the company says the release of Qt SDK 1.1 gives designers a chance to create fluid, animated user interfaces with complete project and code editing support for developers to then implement into the overall application.

Qt Quick also includes QML, a CSS and JavaScript-like language, which is said to make UI development for touch screens much easier to implement. In addition to Qt Quick, the Qt SDK 1.1 includes map and navigation features, imaging features for camera and photo gallery access, notification API plug-ins, and other enhancements that enable developers to provide access to user content on the device.

"Developers are seeking to provide high quality, graphically rich applications to stand out in ever increasing crowded application stores", said Purnima Kochikar, VP of Forum Nokia. "With this new version of the Qt SDK, designers and developers can work together to achieve this quicker and more effectively."

With this release of the Qt SDK 1.1, the company is at pains to remind us that developers can now target more than 100 million Nokia devices (75 million of which are touch devices) in addition to the 150 million future Symbian smartphones Nokia intends to sell such as the newly announced Nokia E6, Nokia X,7 and the Nokia Astound at T-Mobile.

"It is also possible for Qt app developers to reuse code to speed up the creation of apps on Maemo and the future MeeGo device Nokia will ship this year," said the company in a press statement.

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