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Nvidia Debuts Nsight Eclipse Edition IDE

Nvidia has continued its series of almost consecutive product announcements and updates this week by announcing the Nsight Eclipse Edition IDE for programmers. Nvidia is looking to develop GPU-accelerated applications on Linux- and Mac OS X-based systems.

The company has reportedly engineered both debugging and profiling tools into this new developer proposition. It hopes this will reinforce its potential usage in high performance computing (HPC) environments such as those making heavy use of extended calculation and analysis functions — as well as those built to draw power from both CPU and GPU resources.

New project templates and integration with CUDA SDK samples.

Nvidia's Ian Buck grandly describes Nsight Eclipse Edition as the "ultimate development platform for heterogeneous computing," saying it enables CUDA programmers to develop, debug, and optimize the performance of GPU-accelerated applications. Familiarity with the features of Eclipse is obviously going to be an advantage for developers who want to develop parallel code for GPUs and CPUs using their referred IDE.

In addition to automatic code refactoring to convert slow sequential CPU loops into parallel GPU kernels, Nsight Eclipse Edition also features an integrated expert analysis system for performance analysis and guidance to address application performance bottlenecks. Also included are syntax highlighting and auto-completion for both CPU and GPU code — as well as integrated code samples and supporting online documentation.

Nvidia announced an updated version of Nvidia Nsight, Visual Studio Edition for Microsoft Windows developers. Nsight (formerly known as Nvidia Parallel Nsight) adds a number of what are described as "new enhancements and updated features" designed to make parallel programming on GPU-based Windows systems faster and easier than ever.

According to Nvidia, key among these features is local single GPU debugging, which should enable CUDA developers to debug their CUDA C/C++ code natively on the hardware with any system equipped with any CUDA 1.1 or higher capable GPU. Other features include performance improvements to the frame profiler and debugger, and support for DirectX 9 frame debugging, frame profiling, and analysis.

"Previously, debugging required dedicated systems that were often expensive and time consuming to configure," said Tony Tamasi, senior vice president of content and technology at Nvidia. "Now, any system with an Nvidia GPU that supports debugging can be used without any additional cost or system upgrades, resulting in significant cost and time savings."

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