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Open Source Management Suite Released

Black Duck Software has released its Black Duck Suite, a comprehensive management platform that lets development organizations take advantage of open source components while addressing the associated management, compliance, and security challenges. Features that suite integrates include a searchable internal catalog, a customizable approval workflow, and a KnowledgeBase of open source information. Specifically, the Black Duck Suite brings together the company's Code Center, Export and Protex enterprise products into a unified framework, and also includes a SDK which enables integration with IBM Rational, Microsoft, and other development tools and environments.

The Black Duck Suite includes the following updated capabilities:

  • Integrated platform architecture and common user interface
  • Expanded security vulnerability tracking includes over 35,000 common vulnerabilities and exposures
  • Expanded encryption coverage for export compliance by 36 percent, to 450 standard algorithms, plus updates for the October 2008 BIS rules
  • New SDK with web services API

, "With the Black Duck Suite," says Timothy Yeaton, President and CEO, Black Duck Software,"development organizations can realize the transformational economics and increased velocities afforded by using open source, and do so at significant scale -- while mitigating associated licensing, security and other risks."

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