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Qt 5 Updated With 600 Improvements

Over 600 improvements have been listed in the Qt 5.0.2 release. Announced this week, this second update to Qt 5 benefits from some new binary installers, as well as new augmentations to address specifically called out use cases that have been problematic in the earlier Qt 5 releases.

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The binary installers work for VS2012 with ANGLE and for VS2010 with OpenGL (for those who do not wish to use ANGLE). Creator 2.7.0 is included in the release package, although programmers will note that Qt 5.0.1 was shipped with Creator 2.6.2 as well.

Qt's own Tuukka Turunen explains that there is now the possibility to more easily skip modules in the configure process when building Qt yourself. Static linking now works correctly for the Qt libraries and the sum of 600 improvements in span a total of 17 different modules of Qt.

"As always, Qt 5.0.2 maintains both forward and backward source compatibility with Qt 5.0. We are continuously ironing out the glitches and improving quality with every new release. If you encounter a problem, please check the known issues page first, where you can find solutions and workarounds for common problems," blogs Turunen.

Qt 5.0.2 is now tagged in the Qt Project repository and the source packages and installers for Qt 5.0.2 are available for download.

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