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RubyMine 5 Bids To Expand Ruby Development Diversity

JetBrains has announced the availability of the RubyMine 5 development environment for Ruby and Rails. Supplied with a "full stack" of development tools, this major release comes with smart code assistance as well as expanded testing and debugging features for: RubyMotion, Ruby 2.0, and JRuby apps that are using TorqueBox or Trinidad.

The company positions RubyMine as suitable for diverse Ruby development ranging from simple testing scripts, to full-featured high-load web apps, to mobile apps as well. RubyMine now includes full support for the development for iOS with the help of RubyMotion.

"We're very excited to support RubyMotion [as] a powerful toolchain based on MacRuby for creating native iOS applications using our favorite Ruby language. Now RubyMine provides full assistance for RubyMotion apps, like it does for all other Ruby apps," said Dennis Ushakov, RubyMine lead developer. "To make Ruby development for iOS even more productive and pleasant, we used our code analysis routines to provide smart code completion for RubyMotion apps, and implemented debugging and testing support based on our visualization tools."

New and enhanced support is also available for other Ruby application elements including the CoffeeScript debugger for web development and RubyMine's syntax and debugging support.

NOTE: Syntax highlighting is now available for most of the programming languages through an import of TextMate bundles. Full running and debugging support is now available for TorqueBox and Trinidad platforms.

  • Creating gems applications is now "as simple as" creating any other app.
  • Integration of remote Ruby interpreters is added for managing remote applications.
  • Puppet support is added for better management of application servers.

The firm says that RubyMine 5 brings a number of IDE improvements to make Ruby and Rails development "more comfortable", including a new dark look-and-feel for the UI; improvements in the IdeaVim plugin; and other new features for Sass and LESS languages.

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