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Seapine Software Releases TestTrack Studio 2009

Seapine Software has released TestTrack Studio 2009, the latest version of its issue tracking and test case management application. The new version includes advanced reporting features for monitoring the state of product development and quality assurance.

Key new TestTrack Studio 2009 features include:

  • External reporting enables viewing reports created and stored in external reporting services, such as SQL Server Reporting Services and Crystal Reports.
  • Grouped data reports lets users generate reports with interactive drill-down charts of grouped data and summed columns.
  • More granular report access enables administrators to limit report access to specific security groups.
  • Remote report execution: lets users remotely run and view reports without logging into TestTrack.
  • Automatic client upgrades for administrators to roll out TestTrack upgrades by automatically downloading new clients to user's computers.

"TestTrack is a rich repository of mission-critical development and quality assurance information," said Seapine's Richard Riccetti. "Our focus for TestTrack Studio 2009 was to increase users' abilities to report on and visualize their data in more meaningful ways, helping them make more informed decisions."

TestTrack Studio 2009 is available for download at Seapine Software's website.

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