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Shunra Releases VE Desktop Professional 5.0

Shunra Software, a provider of network emulation and application development testing solutions, has announced Version 5.0 of its Shunra Virtual Enterprise (VE) Desktop Professional network emulation solution.

VE Desktop Professional 5.0 is a Windows-based network emulation tool that lets IT test software under a variety of current and potential network conditions -- directly from the desktop. Shunra VE Desktop Professional transforms a LAN-based testing environment to include the real-world wide area network for testing of applications.

Shunra VE Desktop Professional 5.0 includes new functionality, greater software developmenttesting capabilities and enhancements in reporting and analysis. This new version also includes capabilities such as:

  • Automatic delivery of post-test analysis, decreasing the number of steps for users prior to reviewing test results
  • Upgraded GUI and Shunra VE Analyzer integration, providing root cause diagnosis
  • Ability to node lock the client, eliminating the need to communicate with the server
  • Optimized performance, allowing unprecedented scalability within any network

Adobe used the solution to help test the Adobe Flash Media Server 3.5 software, a high-capacity streaming media server with real-time communication capabilities. Incorporating VE Desktop Professional at the initial development stages, the team was able to validate software that manages multiple bit rate delivery within Adobe's dynamic streaming technology found inside Flash Media Server. This software handled code and performance issues before entering Adobe's rigorous quality assurance process.

"Testing networked software and services is essential to ensure Quality of Experience (QoE) and performance of software that is required to operate over wide area networks," said Shunra's Matt Reid. "Customers such as Adobe use Shunra VE Desktop to implement early development lifecycle testing, making it easier to address design and implementation problems before production rollout. This approach is proven to save staff time, reduce overall product release spend and ultimately provide a better experience for end-users."

Shunra VE Desktop Professional 5.0 seamlessly integrates into existing work environments and is integrated with tools such as HP Software's LoadRunner, Quality Test Professional, and VMware Infrastructure 3. A free trial of the standard version of this software-based solution is available.

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