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SmartBear Tests The Adobe Honey Pot

SmartBear Software has emerged from hibernation clutching the TestComplete 8.5 automated testing tool. Dripping with developer-friendly honey, this new product specifies advanced test automation for developers working with Adobe Flash Builder and Eclipse-based development tools.

Its makers suggest that this tool will prove useful for programmers looking to build expressive mobile, web, and desktop applications using ActionScript and the open source Flex framework. SmartBear claims that this is the first automated testing tool to support the development and deployment of Flex 4.5 applications for the Web.

Michael Labriola, senior consultant at Digital Primates, a consultancy that specializes in Adobe's Flash Platform (and in particular Flex) has said that, "TestComplete reduces the amount of time it takes to test Flex applications and custom components. Using TestComplete we can create more functional tests, in less time, without the frustration of other commercial tools."

This product's central function set is aligned to accelerate automated functional testing with testing controls for RIAs and integration with the latest browsers for web testing. It enables users of the new version of the Adobe Flash Platform to quickly implement functional and regression testing.

According to SmartBear, "TestComplete 8.5 is the first automated testing tool to integrate with Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 and Flex 4.5 — new to version 8.5 is 'out of the box' support for Silverlight 4 so that tests can be recorded and played back against the original Silverlight application in the browser, without the need to change the code or rebuild, accelerating the testing process and improving test accuracy."

SmartBear is also aiming to score with web technologies, as it introduces support for web testing with the latest versions of the two most popular browsers, Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) and Firefox 4.0. TestComplete 8.5 enables compatibility testing across multiple browser versions to ensure websites work correctly for visitors no matter what version of IE or Firefox they use.

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