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Software Agitation Without The Frustration

AgitarOne 5.5 with native Maven integration has arrived this month as a Java testing solution that includes direct integration with the Maven build lifecycle to perform product tasks including JUnit generation, agitation, code rules checking, and reporting.

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NOTE: "Software Agitation" refers to the process of exercising code by automatically creating dynamic test cases, synthesizing sets of variable input data against such test cases, and analyzing the results. "Agitation" is said to provide an interactive understanding of code behavior as a developer writes or modifies Java classes or methods.

The new Maven integration avoids the configuration and required maintenance of a separate Ant configuration in addition to the Maven Project Object Model (POM).

"Native Maven integration is one of the more popular enhancement requests that we have gotten from our customers and the Java development community," said Dale Brenneman, Agitar's VP of Technology. "Set up, everyday use, and reporting have become much easier for those already using AgitarOne and Maven, enabling them to accomplish much more in less time. Maven users who have not yet tried AgitarOne will want to try this new version to take advantage of the advanced automated JUnit Generation and our software agitation that they cannot get elsewhere."

The new native Maven integration is built with what the firm describes as a "direct method" for setting up AgitarOne to perform any or all tasks, including generating JUnit tests and dashboard reporting.

AgitarOne dependencies and plugins are declared by the user in the Maven POM (Project Object Model). The plugins provide compatibility with the Maven lifecycle and Agitar-specific tasks such as agitation or code rule checking can be attached as goals for Maven to run at certain lifecycle phases.

NOTE: AgitarOne goals for Maven can also be configured for use within Continuous Integration tools, including Jenkins.

For multi-module projects, the AgitarOne Maven plugins support parent-level generation of the Agitar Virtual Dashboard and Project Summary reports.

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