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Software Copyright Tool Updated

Software Analysis and Forensic Engineering, a provider of software tools for software copyright and trade secret analysis, has released Version 4 of its CodeSuite analysis tool. CodeSuite 4.0 includes CodeCLOC, a tool for measuring how software evolves across versions of code. The CodeCLOC algorithms were developed for the landmark software taxation case Symantec v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue.

The CodeSuite 4.0 improvements include an upgrade to the user interface, but most significant is the addition of CodeCLOC that calculates code change metrics and produces a complete database of the changes. This information is invaluable in assessing how a code base has changed over time and objectively quantifying those changes.

"After our involvement in the Symantec case, it was apparent there is a need to measure how a code base has evolved," said Bob Zeidman, president of SAFE Corporation. "Our first application of CLOC analysis resulted in a significant reduction of taxes in a transfer pricing case, so it made sense for us to automate the solution and add it to CodeSuite."

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