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Splunk Hunk For Data Chunks

Splunk's real-time operational intelligence platform is augmented by the release of version 6.1 of Hunk: Splunk Analytics for Hadoop and NoSQL Data Stores. Despite sporting one of the lengthier product names on the planet, Hunk 6.1 is nimble enough and is intended to turn raw, unstructured data in Hadoop and NoSQL data stores into what everyone these days likes to call "insight" data.

Accelerated reports in Hunk improve reporting times, while interactive dashboards deliver self-service analytics without fixed schemas or the need to move data. Hunk 6.1 extends the power of Hunk beyond Hadoop through streaming resource libraries for NoSQL and other data stores such as Apache Accumulo, Apache Cassandra, MongoDB, and Neo4j.

So What For Developers?

Splunk marketing VP Sanjay Mehta spoke to Dr. Dobb's Journal to say, "Streaming resource libraries enable developers to connect Hunk to NoSQL and other data stores, such as Apache Accumulo, Apache Cassandra, Couchbase, MongoDB, and Neo4j, for data exploration, analysis, and visualization in Hunk. All without fixed schemas or moving data to a separate in-memory store."

"These new features are on top of a platform that truly empowers developers, because they can integrate data and functionality from Hunk into enterprise big data applications using the Splunk web framework, documented REST API, Eclipse plug-in, and software development kits in a half-dozen top languages. Developing big data apps on Hadoop and NoSQL data stores is now as easy as building any modern web application by letting developers pick the programming tools they know and love," added Mehta.

Splunk says that Hunk is ideal for data shops working with huge amounts of historical data at rest. The firm asserts that alternate approaches require specialized skillsets, fixed schemas, complex programming, or moving the data — all of which add up to wasted time and lost opportunity.

"We are excited to see what NoSQL developers can do now that we have extended Hunk's capability from Hadoop to NoSQL data stores," said Mehta.

Hunk includes an environment for developers to build big data applications using the languages and frameworks they already use and are familiar with. Hunk includes a standards-based web framework, documented REST API, Eclipse plug-in, and software development kits for C#, Java, JavaScript, Python, PHP, and Ruby.

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