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Telerik Promotes Proper Planning Procedures

Telerik's Agile ALM portfolio has experienced a "milestone" release today with the launch of TeamPulse. This developer team tool is aimed at improving software group planning and collaboration with new features including backlog management, email notifications, and enhanced communications.

With this release Telerik also announced plans for the launch of the new "TeamPulse Feedback Portal" system, which is designed to allow developers to connect more directly with customers' requirements — it also features an array of new e-learning and training resources.

"We want to ensure teams have the tools they need to make planning and work-item management as intuitive and easy as possible, as well as providing a platform for richer customer interactions," said Joel Semeniuk, executive vice president, Agile project management division, Telerik.

"The new Backlog Management module, email, tagging, and commenting support allow teams to collaborate at a much deeper level and focus on what is most important. When combined with the new Feedback Portal system we will release in the fall, TeamPulse becomes a powerful tool for both internal and external stakeholders."

Among the features being introduced is Backlog Management. The new module enables teams to view and plan all work items (such as User Stories, Bugs, Issues, and Risk) in a single environment. Users can easily prioritize items via drag-and-drop functionality in the Backlog view, simplifying the project planning process.

Also being launched is support for email notifications. Designed to better automate processes for tracking various project states and progress, team members can now subscribe to any work item and receive email alerts whenever that item is updated.

Other new functionalities include:

  • Data Views — customizable, predefined Data Views improve team organization and collaboration via robust data sorting and filtering, assignment of public and private viewing rights, better, faster access to the most critical information
  • Tagging — new descriptive tagging support improves project context and transparency, and facilitates greater organization on a team-wide basis
  • Commenting — enhanced commenting improves clarity and decreases signal-to-noise ratios by allowing comments to be attached directly to User Stories, Bugs, or Issues, thus capturing intended context and meaning without the need for lengthy email trains

With this release Telerik also offered details of the new TeamPulse Feedback Portal system and its e-learning and training services launching in Fall 2011. The HTML-based portal will facilitate capturing of user feedback and comments, without requiring those users to first obtain a TeamPulse software license.

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