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Temboo's Sketch Builder Arduino Yún

Temboo has produced a new hardware programming tool called Sketch Builder for developers to program connected devices without having to write any code.

The product generates complete programs that link physical sensors with "Choreos" (the name that Temboo gives to its pre-built programming processes), which serve to perform actions like sending emails, recording data to Google spreadsheets, and writing to MySQL databases.

Developers can use the company's website users to set up a device by choosing a sensor type (e.g., motion, light, temperature, or sound sensors) and an action they want triggered based on sensor readings.

Users then click to generate all the necessary code, which can then be copied onto the device.

The Sketch Builder is currently compatible with the Arduino Yún, a WiFi-enabled microcontroller board (plus Linux machine) popular with makers and hardware prototypers.

"The Sketch Builder feature demonstrates Temboo's platform — flexible code generation, developer-focused UX, and how the cloud can be used to streamline and improve programming," said Temboo cofounder Trisala Chandaria. "Bridging the gap between programming software and devices is a vital step towards enabling flexible hardware for the Internet of Things. The Temboo platform can make that happen."

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