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The Fight Against Brittle Scripts and Software Defects

Parasoft has continued its current focus on its automated testing tool with yet another new release of Parasoft SOAtest. This latest iteration of the product is offered to programmers testing and validating complex, composite applications and aims to eliminate costs associated with testing delays, brittle scripts, and software defects.

Visual analysis features in the latest release of Parasoft SOAtest are described as suitable for pinpointing the root cause of failures within complex component-based architectures. The new Event Details capability aggregates event details from tests running in SOAtest as well as from remote systems under test. This provides access to all relevant information in a single location — with controls for zeroing in on the critical information needed to debug the behavior of a test scenario that is not producing the expected results.

Another new analysis feature allows Parasoft SOAtest to connect to a JMS or MQ broker (e.g., Progress Sonic MQ/ESB, IBM WebSphere MQ, JBoss JMS) to retrieve the list of queues provided by that broker and display the messages currently sitting on each queue. A user views queues, messages, and message contents — as well as delete messages. This visibility into (and control over) the messages present on queues is helpful when analyzing the interaction between the test scenarios and the system under test.

"SOAtest has been on the market since 2002. It has matured with the growing complexity that large enterprises face while evolving SOA or composite applications," said Wayne Ariola, VP of strategy for Parasoft. "The latest release of Parasoft SOAtest addresses the distributed nature of both applications and development teams. The ability to visualize and pinpoint failures allows for the rapid identification and remediation of software defects. In highly iterative or agile software development shops, these new capabilities will save teams a significant amount of time."

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