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ThoughtWorks Studio Updates ALM Tools

ThoughtWorks Studios has announced new versions of its Twist test management and Cruise release management products. New features of Twist let developers manage both manual and automated testing from a single solution, streamlining the entire testing process and eliminating the need for multiple tool sets that lead to errors and stunted productivity. The latest version of Cruise provides the ability to include source control change numbers in build labels, visibility into the available disk space on agents, and a number of performance improvements.

Twist is a collaborative testing platform designed to help development teams deliver applications that are fully aligned with business requirements. The new Twist 1.1 extends the ease of creating evolving automated tests to manual testing, thus optimizing the overall testing process. It provides a centralized testing platform to create, execute and maintain all manual and automated test scenarios in one space, allowing teams to debug failing automated scenarios using manual execution and record manual test results. Twist 1.1 also executes any scenario manually and records the results, and supports batch execution of all manual tests in a test suite. Other features include improvements to the Twist Selenium Recorder which now supports recording test assertions, and improved HTML reporting capabilities.

"While a large portion of testing activities can and should be automated, manual testing is necessary for cases like testing visual references and exploratory testing," said Sudhir Tiwari, vice president of operations for ThoughtWorks Studios. "Using separate tools to create and manage automated and manual tests can lead to chaotic and error-prone test management."

Cruise provides real-time visibility and control of the build, deploy, test and release process for build teams, testers, developers and management. ThoughtWorks Studios claims thatit helps shorten the feedback cycle, accelerating automation and increasing collaboration over releases to lower the risk and effort associated with releasing complex applications. Cruise 1.3.2 simplifies the release management experience with usability and performance improvements. It provides the ability to more easily correlate builds with the version in source control from which they are derived. It also eases maintenance efforts by monitoring and warning teams of low disk space for agents or pipelines. Additional performance enhancements support installations with more than one hundred agents, and improve scheduling speed for servers handling a large number of pipelines.

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