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Verisign Creates Applications To Manage Data Center Power and Space

Authentication solutions company Verisign has been named by SaaS player ServiceNow as the winner of the 2011 ServiceNow Innovation of the Year award.

One of five finalists to showcase custom business applications built on the ServiceNow Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Verisign received the most votes for using the ServiceNow PaaS to create applications to manage its data center assets.

Specifically, Verisign created an application on the ServiceNow PaaS to manage more than 125,000 IP addresses and 1800 subnets, including support for more than 7000 IPv6 addresses and 30 IPv6 subnets.

Verisign also created a data center power and space management application built on ServiceNow complete with visualizations of Verisign data center floor maps and server racks.

The ServiceNow PaaS gives developers access to shared resources such as graphical workflow, notifications, integrations, work queues, reporting, configuration management database (CMDB), SLAs, and a business service catalog.

In addition to IT management, the majority of ServiceNow customers use the ServiceNow PaaS to automate various non-IT processes such as HR, facilities, billing, finance, quality control, legal case documentation, telecom resourcing, and conference and event management.

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