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VersionOne Tackles Agile Scaling

Agile project management tool company VersionOne has addressed "agile scaling" challenges for programmers who need to more efficiently link development execution with business strategy. Well OK, so that's ALL programmers; but what the firm has done is try to simplify program planning with the addition of custom reporting built in to a PlanningRoom.

This is a dedicated, self-service environment for planners to plan, track, assess, and adapt their efforts over time; it also features additional Scaled Agile Framework(SAFe) reports and enhanced epic breakdown.

"As organizations scale team-level success with Agile to multiple teams, projects, and programs, it becomes more difficult to measure and improve progress across all levels of scale," said VersionOne president and CEO Robert Holler. "Our new release gives program-level planners one dedicated environment where they can come full circle with their planning processes — visualizing progress and finding ways to improve and align their agile initiatives."

VersionOne's Fall 2013 release includes PlanningRoom Analytics to help measure and assess progress scaling agile with both pre-built and custom reports readily available within PlanningRoom; SAFe Reporting to provide additional team-level and program-level reports to assist in charting scaled agile initiatives; and Enhanced Epic Breakdown to expedite the process of breaking strategic epics down into feature- and story-level work items.

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