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ZeroTurnaround Updates JavaRebel

ZeroTurnaround has released JavaRebel 2.0 a JVM plugin that lets Java developers see changes to their code immediately, without the need for application or container restarts.

JavaRebel 2.0 supports:

  • Changes to method bodies
  • Changes to class structure, including adding methods, fields, constructors, changing/adding annotations, and changing interfaces
  • Changes to configurations in Spring, Guice, Wicket, Stripes, Tapestry 4, and Struts2, with an open API for adding further support
  • All major JVMs and containers
  • Exploded and Unexploded Development practices

"We're hearing that teams are saving an average of 10-40 minutes per developer, per day, in time otherwise wasted on application restarts", said ZeroTurnaround's David Booth, "Using time saved and developer salaries to calculate ROI, we're talking about thousands of dollars in savings, per year, from each member of the team using JavaRebel in their development." ZeroTurnaround founder Jevgeni Kabanov added that "we're hearing that the folks who used to look with envy at this feature in dynamic languages like Ruby and Python, are feeling much more comfortable with their Java applications now. They're enjoying the quick feedback and the incremental development techniques that flow naturally from a lightweight coding style like this."

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