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Ajax Toolkit Updated

DHTMLX has released Version 2.1 of its Ajax UI Toolkit, a set of full-featured JavaScript components that help developers create rich and high-performing web applications. Version 2.1 introduces several improvements and bug fixes, including compatibility with IE8 RC, Google Chrome 2, and Safari 4. Other improvements include:

  • Extended grouping functionality and faster rendering capabilities added to dhtmlxGrid.
  • The addition of dhtmlxConnector which provides an easy way to connect client-side components to the server-side database (currently available for PHP only). This extension handles client/server interaction for DHTMLX components which content is bound to the server database, such as grid, treegrid, tree, and combo. It also provides such functionality as loading/editing data, server-side sorting, filtering, paging, etc. For more information please visit:
  • The addtion of dhtmlxTree.Net, an ASP.Net control built over dhtmlxTree component, which provides an easy way to build navigation treeviews with complete feature set and Ajax support. The rich client-side functionality of dhtmlxTree remained the same, but now the component can be effortlessly integrated in .Net applications.

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