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Altova Aims For Eye-Catching XML Power

Altova has expanded its XML editing toolset with the version 2011 Release 2 (2011r2) of Altova MissionKit, a suite of XML, database and UML tools that now features "cutting-edge" chart and report creation functionality. Comprised of the XMLSpy, StyleVision, DatabaseSpy, Authentic and AltovaXML products, the MissionKit suite aims to deliver a set of flexible tools for analyzing database, XML, XBRL and other types of data in what the company calls "eye-catching" new ways.

New to the analyzing and reporting toolset with this release are several new chart types -- stacked bar, area, stacked area, and candlestick -- as well as customizable chart features including chart overlays, background image and color gradients and variable axis label positions.

Altova specifies that version 2011r2 also includes additional resources for working with XML Schemas in XMLSpy, functionality for direct file output (data streaming) for ETL projects in MapForce and support for comparing and merging Microsoft Word documents in DiffDog.

"With this release we've added numerous customer-requested features across our tool suite, including data streaming in MapForce for advanced ETL projects; a new way to compare and merge Word documents; customized XML Schema, XBRL, WSDL, UML, and data mapping documentation generation; and support for the latest BPMN specification, to name a few. These new enhancements to the Altova MissionKit give users the functionality they need to continually meet the industry's ever-changing demands in an efficient and productive manner," said Alexander Falk, president and CEO for Altova.

New features available in the Altova MissionKit 2011 Release 2 include:

  • XMLSpy 2011r2 -- XMLSpy 2011r2 -- an XML editor that allows the user to embed an external file (such as an image) as encoded text directly in an XML document, giving users the option to package all required data from various external files together in one document.
  • MapForce 2011r2 -- A data mapping tool with new support for direct file output for data streaming. Also in response to frequent user requests, the "if-else" data processing component in MapForce has been redesigned to accommodate for any number of variables.

  • DiffDog 2011r2 -- The release of 2011r2 delivers a new feature for comparing Microsoft Word documents using DiffDog, Altova╒s diff/merge tool. Now the same interface and diff/merge options that have made DiffDog popular for comparing XML and source code files, folders, directories and databases are available for comparing and merging Word documents.

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