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Android Developer Challenge For Free Google I/O Tickets

Reports have suggested that the Google I/O developer conference scheduled for May 10-11 in San Francisco sold out in just 59 minutes. Further reports have also suggest implied that some tickets have even surfaced on eBay for as much as $2000. A few lucky developers may still yet get the chance to attend though, but they'll need to show that they are worthy enough of a place in the Moscone Center this year. The 'Last Call for Google I/O' competition is a series of 10 developer challenges that will provide tickets to 100 winners.

Starting next week on March 16, the search giant will host one contest per day for 10 working week days (until 29 March) to task developers with a new challenge on each day. Developers will be given the opportunity to show off their skills coding for a range of Google technologies including Android, Chrome, App Engine, YouTube APIs, Google Maps, Developer Tools, and Google Apps for the Enterprise.

Google's vice-president of engineering Vic Gundotra said that, "Each of the challenges will focus on one of our developer products and has two rounds. Plan to be in front of your computers for the first half-hour that the challenge starts to complete a series of questions for Round I, which will qualify you for the main coding challenge in Round II. You will have a little over 20 hours to complete Round II."

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