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AppGyver "Complete" HTML5 App Development Platform

RAD company AppGyver has released its Steroids tool for mobile software application development for apps with native performance using HTML5.

AppGyver Steroids can be used standalone for free, or combined (at cost) with AppGyver Add-one and charged cloud services with team collaboration and support options.

Application add-ons and extensions are intended to allow users to build apps faster, without managing PhoneGap plugins, integrations, and libraries.

The company points out that while HTML5 hybrid apps have several advantages, including a rich trove of open source libraries and technologies, they are generally "not on par" with native apps when it comes to critical performance criteria.

"AppGyver Steroids closes this performance gap by utilizing native UI components, navigation, and animations, together with the HTML5 wrapped application," said the company.

Steroid users are (so far) typically startups, but also some Fortune 500 companies that have used the product to develop more data-driven apps.

AppGyver's mission is to provide complete toolsets for novice and seasoned mobile developers alike, to quickly build, test, preview, and deploy fully functioning HTML5 mobile apps that are indistinguishable from native ones.

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