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CloudLinux Announces Compatibility with R1Soft

CloudLinux Inc. has announced that its CloudLinux is now fully compatible with R1Soft, a server backup and data recovery company that provides Continuous Data Protection (CDP) software for Windows and Linux servers. Over 180,000 mission critical Windows, Linux, and Cloud servers use R1Soft’s high-performance, disk-to-disk backup software around the world.

“With its next-generation software, R1Soft is the leading backup and disaster recovery software for hosting and the Cloud, so it is crucial for CloudLinux OS to ensure compatibility,” said Igor Seletskiy, CEO of CloudLinux. “With CloudLinux now fully compatible we can offer wide-scale support across R1Soft's offering.”

CloudLinux is a building block for hosting providers who need to host more-complex website configurations for their customers, and are expanding their service offerings to include Cloud capabilities. Compatibility with industry-standard backup and data recovery software like R1Soft is an important milestone in the evolution of CloudLinux.

CloudLinux, a mission-critical OS for Web hosts, provides:

  • Innovative LVE technology that increases server stability and performance with less downtime, including administrative tools to control the CPU and IO demands of individual tenants so that a single site cannot slow or take down a whole server
  • Complete 24/7 support
  • Major control panels for easy management and deployment.

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