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Embarcadero Takes DBMS Admin Into the Cloud

Embarcadero has announced DBArtisan for SQL Azure, a free edition of Embarcadero's database administration tool for heterogeneous DBMS environments.

DBArtisan for SQL Azure provides for basic database administration at the schema level, including object management and editors, SQL editing and schema extraction, as well as migration utilities to facilitate data migration from Microsoft SQL Server to SQL Azure. The tool enables enterprises to build symmetrical on-premise and cloud-based SQL Azure Database deployments, reducing in-house IT infrastructure costs and making certain data sets more readily available to offsite consumers.

"We are excited to have Embarcadero's DBArtisan product target Microsoft SQL Azure, the world's first true relational database service," said Microsoft Fellow Dave Campbell. "Embarcadero's DBArtisan for SQL Azure will streamline the data migration and management process for customers who wish to deploy Cloud-based solutions on SQL Azure."

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